We work on weekdays 11:00-15:30

Katlakalna Street 11 E, Riga

+371 28700123

Cost of lunch

Vegetarian soup = 2.50 EUR

Soup with meat = 3.50 EUR

Meat + side dish = 5.00 EUR

Fish + side dish = 6.00 EUR

Fish (salmon/trout) + side dish = 7.00 EUR

Salad 150 g = 2.50 EUR

Dessert = 2.50 EUR


Meat + side dish + salad = 6.00 EUR

Fish + side dish + salad = 7.00 EUR

Red fish (salmon/trout) + side dish + salad = 8.00 EUR

You are welcome to have lunch with us!


April 22​


Sweet potato cream soup with oranges and cumin seeds (K)

Rasolnik with pork and barley (K,H,F)

Main course

Pork patties with mushroom sauce (F,D,K,B)

Turkey meat stroganoff in caramelized onion sauce (K)

Chicken breast in egg coat (D,B,K)

Beef roast in rosemary sauce (F,K)

Catfish fillet in horseradish sauce (N,K)

Side dishes

Potato and turnip mash (K)

Chickpea, white bean and zucchini ragout with coconut milk and cumin

Barley with spinach (K)


Salad bar

D,K,Z,E,F,H - allergen designations

Allergen transcripts [see]


April 23


Pumpkin cream soup with melted cheese (K,F)

Turkey soup with noodles (B,K)

Main course

Pork goulash with dijon mustard and pickled cucumber sauce (K,H,F)

Chicken in curry and peanut sauce (K,F)

Turkey gyros with middle East spices, pita bread and yogurt dressing (F,D,B)

Bolognese (K,D,F)

Assorted fish gratin (N,K)

Side dishes

Boiled potato wedges with dill and caramelized butter (K)

Haricot, bell pepper and carrots

Pasta (D,K,B)


Salad bar

D,K,Z,E,F,H - allergen designations

Allergen transcripts [see]


April 24​


Solyanka (F,H,K)

Vegetrian beetroot soup (K)

Main course

Lasagne (K,B,D,F)

Veal patties with tarragon sauce (D,K,B)

Venison goulash in spicy tomato sauce (F)

Chicken in cashew and coconut sauce (E,F)

Cod fish in egg coat with tartar sauce (B,K,D,N)

Side dishes

Fried rice with green peas (D,K)

Steamed vegetable ragout

Potato mash with sweet potato (K)


Salad bar

D,K,Z,E,F,H - allergen designations

Allergen transcripts [see]


April 25​


Pumpkin and carrot cream soup (K)

Borscht with meat (K)

Main course

Beef with hoi sin and pok choi (F,H)

Chicken fillet ala Kiev (D,K,B)

Turkey patties in carrot sauce (K)

Pork roast in mushroom sauce (K)

Salmon fillet with herb crust (N,B,K)

Side dishes

Green and yellow lentils with vegetables and cumin

Shredded potato gratin (K)

Rice noodles


Salad bar

D,K,Z,E,F,H - allergen designations

Allergen transcripts [see]


April 26​


Fresh cabbage and green pea soup (K)

Harcho with pork (K)

Side dishes

Beef in onion sauce (K)

Chicken giross in red curry sauce (K)

Tortillas with piquant pork and guacamole (F,H,K,B)

Pulled chicken breast in tom kha sauce (F,H)

Pike fishballs in horseradish sauce (B,D,K)

Main course

Barley and lentil ragout with spinach (K)

Potato slices (K)

Stewed fresh cabbage (K)


Salad bar

D,K,Z,E,F,H - allergen designations

Allergen transcripts [see]

Foods may contain allergens:

A: Molluscs and their products

B: Cereals containing gluten i.e. wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled wheat, etc.

C: Lupine and its products

D: Eggs and its products

E: Nuts, i.e. almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and their products

F: Celery and their products

G: Sesame seeds and their products

H: Mustard and their products

I: Sulfur dioxide and sulfites if their concentration exceeds 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/L total SO2

J: Soybeans and their products

K: Milk and its products (including lactose)

L: Crustaceans and their products

M: Peanuts and their products

N: Fish and their products